Young Entrepreneur Of The Week: Kayode Ogunleye

Kayode Ogunleye

Today we are happy to drop our first post featuring young entrepreneurs doing well in their aspect of owning and running their own business. To take off we have kayode Ogunleye, the owner of the Kings Originals brand here with us @96HQ

Kayode Ogunleye

TELL us about yourself, growing up, family background, education and all.

I’m Kayode Ogunleye. I was brought up in the city of Oil, Delta  into a family of five. I’m the first of the male children making my mum the only woman in the house(lol i have 3 sisters so there are four beautiful ladies in my house). I’m also a student of Bells University from the department of Business Administration. I currently reside in Warri, Delta State.

What do you really do for a living?

I’m an entrepreneur. I own the Kings Originals brand; where I offer stylish and classy bespoke shoes at affordable prices.

Please fill us in on your rise to fame and how did it all start?

Initially, I never expected it to grow into a business because it was just based on my love and passion for shoes. It all started with my ability to combine clothes pretty well and my love for shoes, this triggered me into making my shoes to the taste I wanted. I got so much positive feedback from people concerning the shoes I created and this gave way to the entrepreneurial spirit in me; so I had to register my company with CAC, Nigeria.

Which of your many jobs excite you the most?

Putting value on people’s feet has been the most exciting job ever, giving quality product and getting good feedback from my client.

What / who inspires you?

The brand Christian Louboutin inspires me, I’m a big fan of  Christian Louboutin .

 What other areas of your career are you looking to explore?

Well, the bigger picture of the Kings originals is to make it a one-stop centre where people could come in and get all their clothing needs.

What has been the high point of your career?

Well I get a lot of reviews, The high point of my career is knowing that my products keeps getting positive reviews and recognition from people.

What has been the lowest so far?

Balancing my academic life with my business life. In the sense that, being in a private university whereby our movements are restricted whole lot of my time and this led to the slowdown of the brand’s production process.

What are the plans for the future, short-term goals, anything new?

Previously, I said something about kings originals being a one-stop centre for men needs. I plan to expand the Kings Originals brand by providing more jobs for the youths out there and this would allow me to hasten the process of actualizing Kings originals as a one-stop centre.

What does it mean to be a young entrepreneur?

Being a young entrepreneur requires you to walk a path that requires constant dedication of one’s time, energy, ideas, resources into the creation of a product or products that will satisfy people’s need. The most interesting part is that you get to be your own boss, which allows flexibility and that, is what most Nigerian youths sought after.

If you could, how would you contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy?

Like I said earlier on, I hope to reduce the amount of unemployed youths in Nigeria and also aim at increasing the level of preference given to locally produced products via constant positive reviews and feedbacks concerning the Kings originals as the development of locally produced products leads to revenue generation by the government in form of taxes, job creation, development of local technology and a whole lot more.


Designer: Kayode Ogunleye @oloye_02 (instagram)

Brand: Kings Originals @kingsoriginals (instagram)

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