What Every Bodybuilder Should Know About Running


Many people think that running and bodybuilding can never go together. If you’re a bodybuilder, you’re apparently supposed to stay away from running, the reason being that you will undo the gains achieved from bodybuilding. There is also the belief that a muscular person would have difficulty on the road due to their heavy body, and would be gasping for breath after a few miles. However, the reality is that running can be a great asset to a bodybuilder, if done correctly. In addition to training and following the right diet, you can make use of some anabolic steroids to supplement your weightlifting and to achieve lean muscles faster. While you’re at it, you should consider incorporating anastrozole bodybuilding in your cycle treatment to achieve great results. It will minimize chances of water retention and other unwanted effects from the steroids as it counters estrogen side effects.

Bodybuilding and running can go hand in hand. The following discussion shows how running, when well managed and done properly, can supplement your muscle development efforts.

Improved blood circulation due to enhanced circulatory system

It is a known fact that running makes the heart beat faster and stronger, thus strengthening and enhancing the circulatory system. In the long run, the improvement of the circulatory system makes blood circulation more efficient, giving you more energy and mental clarity, as well as improving your overall health. As a bodybuilder, you receive better nutrient transportation and oxygenation from the improved circulation, thus leading to greater muscle development.

Running enhances gym performance

Most bodybuilders may be strong but suffer a setback of lacking endurance, which results in the inability to surpass some intensity barriers. Endurance running causes lung capacity to increase and the heart to become more effective. The sessions in the weight room will surely show the difference between one who hits the road and one who does not. Recovery after weight lifting also improves due to blood and nutrients getting to the damaged muscle fibers more effectively. The improved blood circulation also ensures lactic acids and other toxic substances are removed in good time.

Running reduces estrogen in men

High estrogen levels are a big hindrance to developing muscles. There are several causes of high estrogen levels that include insufficient sleep, poor diet, high level of body fat, and much more. It will be hard for a man with high estrogen levels to build muscle as he adds fat more easily in his body and lacks energy. Running deals with high estrogen levels in men by reducing fat in the body, thus decreasing estrogen production. Running also improves hormonal balance.

Running improves sleep

Working up your cardio through running and hitting the gym can enhance the quality of sleep and even make it easier to fall asleep. As you get some good sleep, you’re more energized and thus can go running and to the gym, creating a healthy cycle of working out and sleeping well. The benefits of good sleep as a result of running and cardio activities are only possible after a consistent schedule of about six weeks. For bodybuilders, sleep is crucial to achieve their goals. Testosterone is mainly produced during sleep, especially for males. After consistently running and working out, testosterone production levels will rise and muscle development will be evident.

To derive the benefits from running, you must do it right

The benefits of running to a bodybuilder are immense, but due care and attention must be taken:

Ø  Run correctly: Owing to the weight of bodybuilders, which is more than that of ordinary runners, it is necessary to ensure the body copes with the excess pressure, especially the joints. Running should be done cautiously so as to use the forefoot or mid-foot, but not the heels, which would cause too much stress on your calves, knees, and Achilles tendons.

Ø  Dehydration: Running, especially long-distance, is bound to result in dehydration if it is not taken care of adequately, and can have negative effects on developing muscles.

Ø  Suppression of testosterone production: Running for a long time reduces testosterone production, which is crucial for bodybuilding. You can avoid this by not running for more than one hour, unless for an important sporting event.


You need to stick to your limits as you run while building muscles. You should not overdo running but you should also not miss out on the benefits of running as you build your muscles. With enough care and proper guidance, you stand to gain from running.


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