Music: Drake – Pikachu (No Keys) Ft Lil Baby

Drake Pikachu

Drake Pikachu (No Keys) Ft Lil Baby

OVO Sound Radio took a little break off while Drake and Oliver negotiated their brand new Apple Music deal but it’s been back for a short while now. The first exclusive of the new season was premiered earlier tonight.
Pikachu (No Keys) was Premiered on the latest episode of OVO Sound Radio on Apple’s Beats 1, it’s unclear whether the currently-untitled track will appear on either Lil Baby’s ‘Harder Than Ever’ or Drake’s forthcoming album ‘Scorpion’; the song Pikachu (No Keys) was produced by Wheezy.
Lil Baby has alluded that the joint effort will be a track: “Imagine Me And Drake Droppin A Song,” he tweeted on Monday. And as Billboard points out, a snippet of a possible Baby/Drake tune emerged during a release party for OVO affliate Preme’s album release event in Atlanta.

Quote able lyrics:
Brand no whip got no keys
Ten on my clothes no starch, please
Soon as I come, you can go and leave
Got M’s in the bank, like yes indeed
Cartier glasses, I won’t even peek at you
Yellow Ferrari like Pikachu
I got em waiting and watching what he gon do
Trying to peep what I do, try to steal my moves
Twenty five hundred for a new pair of tennis shoes
The same price I could make them youngins come and finish you
Loyal been charging (?)
Presidential tints slide by I don’t see you
I been getting money I dont worry bout what he do
Im getting money like I’m from the (?)
Me and Drake bout to drop this shit going crazy
They know I’m the truth coming straight from the basement
I’m straight as the street, I come from the pavement
The millions and hundreds make em go crazy

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