Music: Adhoc -The Heat feat. Claire Ridgely

Adhoc -The Heat feat. Claire Ridgely

Adhoc –The Heat feat. Claire Ridgely

Montreal-based trio Adhoc has returned with “The Heat,” a catchy, mid-tempo cut with additional vocals from Claire Ridgely. The song follows previous releases like falsetto funk odyssey “China White” and MTL anthem “My City.” It comes in advance of their impending full-length Bicoastal R&B.

Quotable Lyrics:
Woke up in the morning
I knew what was wrong
You were already gone
Give you a call
You ignoring my calls
Guess I’ll just wait for your call back
Seven years later still checking my phone
I’mma fuck ’til it hurt
I’mma fuck ’til it don’t

Nasty C – Changed

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